Saturday, January 29, 2011

sledding adventure

On Thursday, Mom and I took the kids to a snow hill she's been wanting to visit ever since we first moved to the area (which is now 20+ years ago!!!). This coasting hill is more like a bunny hill on a ski slope for the distance you have to climb to the top, though it is a much gentler grade with a ton of bumps along the way to increase the fun quotient. I think Reese went down six or seven times to our four runs. Seriously, when that boy is determined there's no stopping him! Here are some pictures of our adventure:

Reese before his first run down the hill...check out how far away the bottom of the hill is!

You might want to click on this picture to open it to full screen view and check out the look on Reese's face as he heads down the hill for the first time.

Here Reese comes....

...and there he goes!

 The rest of the crew on our last run. See Ben enjoying a taste of the snow on his scarf?

 Ben and I enjoyed a few runs down on the baby toboggan. At first, he was a little unsure of the bumps but my encouraging shouts of "Yahoo" over every mogul helped to to relax and enjoy it! By the end he was laughing. :)

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