Tuesday, May 3, 2011

maxing out the memory

Maybe it's getting older, having several young children, juggling more than one thing in a day, or all these things combined, but whatever it is, I think I'm maxing out the short-term memory compartment of my brain most days. Yesterday was a prime example...

I decided to go to the gym in the morning to work out. Since the kids would be in the child watch room, I figured I would shower there instead of at home. Which, of course, means packing a few extra items.

After dropping off the kids, I headed to the locker room to store my things and take out my discman - only to discover I had left it at home but somehow managed to bring two locks with me. "No big deal," I think. I also realized I left my flip flops at home (those I prefer to use in the shower but also could do without).

Post-workout, I head for the locker room, grab my bag and head to the shower. Only to realize I hadn't thought to bring a towel or shampoo. And then I began to laugh at my total lack of preparedness and how I managed to leave home without the most essential piece of the shower-at-the-gym plan.

Anyone else have a moment or two like this?

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