Thursday, May 19, 2011

a morning at the park

This spring has set some serious rainfall records and I think we're all feeling the effects of it. I kept putting off our spring break thinking there had to be week with a good stretch of warm, sunny weather that would be perfectly suited for some vacation time. Didn't happen. I'm not sure if I'll take the same approach next year - it seems rather futile to wait for the perfect week, especially when that perfect week never arrives. (Sigh)

So when the sun made its appearance today, I decided our vitamin-D deprived bodies needed a refreshment to hold us over until summer vacation begins. We headed to one of our favorite parks and tuned up our gross motor skills as part of our physical education curriculum. ;)

strengthening her arm muscles on the monkey bars

the study of motion and balance

The best part about this subject? Luke and Ben can participate too!

Luke still needs to wear his "fist" (his word for the brace) for a few more months

I love the look of concentration on Ben's face

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