Friday, June 3, 2011

green tips and a giveaway

Today and through next Wednesday, June 8, you will have a chance to enter a giveaway for this cheery pit pack on Love 2 Upcycle. Upcyclers is one of the etsy teams I belong to and the creativity and inventiveness of this group is amazing.

For added fun, I thought I'd share some "green" tips each day ('cept Sunday) between now and June 8. Since I chose the "Green Grass" Cheery Pack for the giveaway item, I thought it only makes sense to start with a grass-related tip since much time and money is put into keeping it green.

"Keeping it Green" Grass Tips

Tip 1: Resist the urge to water through the dry spells. Or, if you absolutely must water and also have children who love to play in the water, time your watering cycle with their play time - whether it's in a sprinkler or with buckets or even water balloons.

Tip 2: Consider incorporating microclover into your lawn. This is something we have yet to try, but in reading the research, it seems like a great way to go.

Tip 3: And, if you can't do this:

And prefer not to use one of these:

  Try this:

This is a lawnmower I can vouch for and the above picture is of the electric mower my husband brought home a couple of weeks ago. It has a rechargeable battery, so unlike other electric lawnmowers, you won't get tangled in the cord (something I've experienced in the past). It's also lightweight and cuts and mulches the grass well. We did notice that when the battery is low the mower does not like to cut really long grass, but fully charged, it handles the long grass well. I'm not getting any monetary compensation to promote this...just sharing what we happily found as an alternative to a gas-powered mower.


StephanieCherrise said...

I have entered your giveaway. Thanks! I didn't know there were battery operated lawnmowers. How neat! I like the spinning blade mowers. Thanks for sharing!

Delicate Fortress Creations said...

Very cool! Personally I would LOVE to get a goat, but my husband doesn't want to take care of it! Actually, them. :) Great ideas!