Saturday, June 4, 2011

swim finds and giveaway green tips

 I'm (re)discovering that I'm not a wing it kind of person. I am a planner through and through.

Which, for me, means adding research into my preparation for the triathlon. So far, I've been focused on what exactly to wear on race day, especially since the swim portion adds an interesting twist to "what to wear" dilemma and on freestyle swimming techniques.

Here's what I've discovered so far:
1. Swim goggles are a must. This probably is a no brainer, but some part of me was holding out hope that I could get away without needing them. Didn't work. 
2. Take some time to get used to the goggles before the race.When I tried out the goggles for the first time, it was a little freaky to see above the water, below the water and see my arms moving in the water all at the same time. Kind of made me a little "sea" sick. ;)

3. Spend a little extra and get a good pair of goggle. Dave got me a pair of Speedo(R) "Hydrosity" goggles from our local sports store. They worked well the first time, but then the straps became progressively looser with each use and the lenses kept filling with water. Part of the issue is that I have a smaller face. So...back to our favorite hometown sports store. Turn out the "Hydrosity" goggles are, in the words of the sales associate, "a kids goggle." Happily, they had a pair of women's goggles (I got the Speedo(R) "Vanquisher," but not the mirrored ones from this link) with a set of nose bridge pieces that can be swapped out until you find the perfect fit. Very cool. These goggles also have two straps which give a snugger fit.So far, so good.

4. Anti-fog solution for the goggles also is a must.

5. Swim caps aren't (at least for training). After readying the May edition of Triathlete Magazine, one athlete recommended this swim cap because it's easier on your hair.I got Speedo(R)'s version thinking it would keep my hair from getting wet and damaged from the chlorine. Didn't work - my hair still gets wet.

6. It's hard to find a two-piece competition swimsuit. So far my efforts have been unfruitful since the sports stores in our area aren't carrying competition-savvy two-pieces (other than one that say "life guard on the chest") and the one I ordered online was too skimpy in the bottoms. Note: I could make it easy and get a one-piece, but it bugs me when I'm running (and the temperatures are hot) to have something clinging to my torso. So the search is on.
Which leads me to the giveaway Green Tip...
Reuse (clean and empty :) ) cereal box liners to store your wet swimsuit.
I've been saving and reusing cereal box liners for awhile now when I decided to stop buying Ziplock(R) sandwhich and storage bags as a way of reducing the amount of plastic we use in our home. For the most part, I reuse the liners for storing leftovers and other food, but here are some other ways you could reuse them (if you have any severe food allergies in your family, you may not want to use this idea):
  • Tuck some in a diaper bag for anything that needs its mess (or smell!) contained until you get home
  • If you're shipping a breakable package or are moving, use them as packing material
  • If you're going on a picnic and have items that may leak, put the container in the liner and secure with an elastic band.
Any other ideas? Please share them in the comment section. :)

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