Saturday, June 18, 2011

guest posting at (in)courage

Tomorrow (or today, if you're reading this on Sunday), I'm posting over at (in)courage under the "Daily Guests" column. It's my first guest post and I can't help but smiling that it also happens to appear on Father's Day because I hope that whatever and whenever I write, that it's for Him and because of Him. Happy Father's Day, Abba. :)

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Susan Miller said...

Thank you for your honest post. It hit me hard for I AM one of those women who never leave the house without being fully made up. I even put on make up at our primitive campsite :)
My mother, my rock, my inspiration died many years ago when I was just 21 years old. It seems that I hold on tightly to anything I remember her saying and most advice was on target, uplifting and inspired by God BUT.....
On my thirteenth birthday she gifted me with a grand selection of makeup and a card that read "If the barn needs paining, paint it". I have lived by these words for the past forty years. I too had a daughter and I wondered what would happen when she became old enough to wear make up. Praise God that I was able to make her feel beautiful and loved by God and I that she never touches the stuff. She laughts at me when I apply mine at the campground but sees no reason to use it herself. Hopefully some day I will have the strength to love myself just how I am....but I'm not there yet.