Tuesday, June 7, 2011

personal care green tips

I wanted to share two of my favorite skin products - one I just discovered and the other I learned about a few years ago. Since doing a lot of research a few years ago and learning about what goes into skin care products, I've been more vigilant as to what I put on my skin. Here's my new favorite lotion which has a tropical scent (I found it at Target):

I've also been using California Baby's sunscreen on myself and my children for a couple of years now and was excited to discover Target also carries it (save on shipping!). You can get it unscented but I love the lemongrass scent of the regular screen.

Here are a few other personal care tips:
  • If you have an infant, use cloth wipes instead of disposable ones (this also saves you some green :) ). I bought some cheap white ones so I could bleach them if needed. It takes a little more planning when you travel (e.g. make sure you pre-moisten them if you won't be near a water-source), but it's much kinder to the environment. I also noticed that when my  boys had diaper rashes, a wet washcloth doesn't sting their skin like the disposable ones did when I used them on my daughter.
  • And speaking of rashes, I have found cornstarch helps prevent rashes, or when my children have had a rash, to combine it with petroleum jelly or diaper ointment to create a thick paste to create a good barrier on your baby's skin. 
  • Baking soda works as underarm deodorant
  • Reuse (washed and thoroughly dried) large spice shakers for your baking soda deodorant or to hold the cornstarch for your baby's bottom. My brother-in-law actually came up with this one and our family has used ever since.
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