Wednesday, August 10, 2011

the other side of tri (a glimpse)

So I've wanted to write a much longer post than what this will be for a few days now, but a sewing project plus a few other necessary to do's put writing on the back burner.

Dave and I survived the triathlon and I'm glad I made it past the quitting zone - a place I reached days before the race even started! Today we found out the official time results: In a field of 247, I finished 215th with a final time of 2:03:52 (top female did this thing in 1:22:00). Dave finished 192nd with a time of 1:57:05 (top male did it in 1:12:51).

When I catch my breath from the activities of this week, not the race ;), I'll go into greater detail on what it looks like on "the other side of try."

Also, there's still time to donate to our mycharitywater page (see link on the right) to help bring safe, clean water to people in developing countries - the water we swam in smelled horrible and was an interesting color, but I think it was still safer than what most people in this world are forced to drink every day just to survive.

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Courtney said...

Let me just say - I'm tired just thinking of it! Good for you on a job well done!