Monday, August 22, 2011

it's so hard to be back

That's what we've been saying for a couple of days now after returning from vacation. The week was a complete gift from God - everything from the weather, to keeping everyone injury free to the sweet time we enjoyed as an ever-growing family.

Perhaps the returning was all the harder because it had been six long years since I'd been to Goderich - it's hard to believe the last time we were there Brie was two and Reese was four months old and we were the only ones with kids-in-tow (though Joel was there, too, but he wasn't to make his appearance for another month).

Now we have four children and my sisters have four between them, with another on the way, and my cousin was there with her two girls and Brie was again able to celebrate her birthday in a place which has become an often-chosen vacation spot and tradition begun by my grandparents almost more than 25 years ago. It is rich with memories, and as Lauren joked at one point, it is "rich with God." ;)

I will share more on this golden week and will tuck in the postings between the many other to-do's that come with returning home.

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