Monday, August 22, 2011

please pray

I just posted this morning about our return from vacation in Goderich, Ontario when an hour later, my sister Canada-side called and told me a tornado ripped through the town yesterday afternoon.

It has taken my breath away to see the destruction caused by the winds and to think we had been there the day before. I think it seems all the more shocking because of the beautiful weather we experienced the week prior - even storm clouds which threatened blew on by. Thankfully, it did not happen mid-day on Saturday we drove through the town on our way home, the town centre was humming with people at the farmer's market.

Here are some pictures I snapped while we visited town last Thursday. If you visit this link, you will see those same streets littered with debris, windows gone, roofs and the sides of some buildings ripped away.

Ben "strolling" to the library - a first for us

a wonderfully vintagey place to buy tasty confections

the town center
pictures of a few Goderich attractions
 Please pray for the town, it's people, the man who lost his life and those dear to him, and those who are injured. Please pray for peace of mind for those who experienced this storm, that they may not dwell on what has passed. Pray for those who will be working to restore the town to its former charm and keeping others safe while the debris is cleared away. Praise God the He is our Rock and Safe Harbor even amidst these storms.

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