Tuesday, August 23, 2011

seeing through the weeds @ Joyful Mothering

Today, I'm excited to be guest posting at Joyful Mothering. The name of Christin's blog itself was enough to get me interested in reading what she had to write - sometimes it's that fruit of the Spirit which is hard to bring forth in the messes of motherhood. ;)

Here's a smidgen of the post... and for the rest, please hop on over to Joyful Mothering:
With a quiver full of four children eight years old and under, I frequently receive the comments, “Wow! You must be busy,” “You must have your hands full,” and “I don’t know how you do it.” They are comments I have come to expect. They are ones I dread to hear.

I dread them because what I sense in these comments is a notion that parenting more than two children is a burden, not a blessing...

See you there :)


Christin said...

SO glad to have you Andrea!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they are not always comments of a critical nature--perhaps people comment because they know it takes a lot of patience to manage a larger family. Many people of the previous generation came from larger families and know what their own mothers went through. Sometimes what may seem like a criticism is actually a compliment.