Thursday, September 1, 2011

a moment

I used to think I would remember every sweet/touching/funny/absurd moments with my children - not every moment of their lives, just the ones where, at the time, I say to myself, "I'll always remember this."

...since I don't have a picture of the cards...
Eight years in and I realize I've forgotten more than I've remembered. (sheepish grin) Which is probably a blessing in many cases.

But, there are times where I really do not want to forget, which is part of this blog's purpose. Once such moment was yesterday...

Brianna and Reese were looking forward all summer to the return of their Missionettes and Royal Rangers classes. Reese decided to make cards for his leaders yesterday to express his gratitude. On one he wrote:

"I am so glad Royal Rangers is back." Love, Reese

on another a simple,

"I love you."

And, my personal, tugs-at-my-heart favorite:

"I am a happy man."

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