Monday, October 31, 2011

beauty secrets

Although it's Reap to Sow day, I just had to share this...

Often, after washing and drying my hair, I'll put in a few rollers to give these baby fine locks a little "oomph" and leave them in for enough time to get a good set. Which often means I'm walking around the house with rollers on top of my head. (It's kind of mortifying to admit this part of my ready-for-the-day ritual, but for sincerity's sake...)

And it's how I came down to breakfast yesterday morning.

Luke looks up at me and says (earnestly and enthusiastically), "Wow Mom, you look great! You could wear those to church! And you could even shoot bombs from them!"

Yes, Lukie bear, that is exactly what I was thinking too. ;)

(LOL...leave it to a boy to imagine a simple hair roller as an instrument of destruction!)

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