Monday, October 31, 2011

reap to sow: gleaning from chapters 7 & 8

If you're just joining us (and we're so glad to have you along!), we're taking two chapter per week from the book, The Power of a Positive Mom: Revised Edition by Karol Ladd.

On Mondays we focus on reaping: What are we gleaning, discerning from the reading?
On Fridays we focus on sowing: What actions from the Power Points can we apply in our lives in order to become more positive mothers?

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In these two chapters, Karol continues her exhortations on prayer and how it contributes to our ability to remain positive. And, of course, because God knew I would be leading the discussions on these two chapters, He's been bringing me to His throne room in prayer multiple times a day. 
Sometimes I'm driven to my knees because I feel at a loss as to how to make my kids without repeating myself over and over and over again or how to encourage them to stop annoying one another (if anyone's discovered the secret to this, I'm all ears :) ). Sometimes it's to ask for direction. Sometimes it's to pray for another. But lately, I've been driven to the place of prayer simply because I have an overwhelming need for the assurance of His presence. 
And that's the beauty of prayer and why I'm grateful Karol dedicated three chapters to it. Ladies, prayer is our life line to God. Without it, we have no outlet strong enough to carry the worries which come with the territory of motherhood (and womanhood, too). With it, we know we can lay everything at His feet and know not only can He handle the weight of the world but He also knows what to do about. Though His way might not exactly be what we had in mind, we have to trust that He knows what He's doing and remember He loves us. 
I'll end with a quote from Chapter 7 - a sentence which could have had my name written above it: "Often we try to figure out what God is up to and why He has allowed certain things to happen. Let's be willing to trust Him, even if we don't understand."
I hope to see back here on Friday where we begin to sow...and you know we will reap a harvest from those seeds too! 

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Courtney said...

Andrea - I so agree. I've found myself praying more throughout the day after reading these chapters. The best days are those when I'm in constant communication with God.