Saturday, October 29, 2011

through it...again

A couple of weeks ago I shared how God spoke to me through "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" the children's book by Michael Rosen. This time He spoke through "Finding Nemo."

My children have been watching this movie a lot lately. Probably because it's Ben's favorite and the way he asks to watch, "Memo" is incredibly endearing. The other evening, I was only half listening to the movie while working on a project, when the scene where Marlin and Dory face a cloud of murky water came up. Here's the scene from the movie if you want to watch it:

Although what Marlin actually says is "We're just gonna just swim straight," what I heard was, "We're gonna just go through it." (God must have done a voice over in that moment. ;) ).

And again it struck me how God desires to walk through the murkiest of places with us. Like Marlin, I desire to walk the straight and narrow path, and just like Marlin, I get turned around, confused, and keep coming back to that same ol' speck in the water.

But thankfully in this season I am in (God still hasn't revealed exactly what He has me going through, which is why the murky/cloudy image is so fitting), I know that He is there with me. And if I get too off course or stuck for lack of direction, I know He will be there to rescue me and bring me to the place He wants me to go. Even if it's in the shape of a whale.

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PrairieJenn said...

Beautiful post! I think we can all relate. I'm so glad that God uses those times when it seems so murky to reassure us and offer us peace in Him.