Friday, October 21, 2011

reap to sow discussion day

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If you're just joining us (and we're so glad to have you along!), we're taking two chapter per week from the book, The Power of a Positive Mom: Revised Edition by Karol Ladd.

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I'm a do-er. So can you guess which Power Points resonated with me this week?

Yep. The "Do" points:

I will intentionally strengthen my children with encouraging words. (from Chapter 3)

I will look for and encourage the God-given potential in each of my children. (from Chapter 4)

To me, these do-points are closely linked, for if we encourage our children, I believe it helps them reach their God-given potential. Though I offer encouraging words throughout the day, I loved Karol's suggestions on being intentional, creative and specific. To take up that challenge, I thought and prayed about a way to do this... a way that I would develop as a habit and not just a trend I follow as I read this book.

I settled upon placing notes for my children in our mail box. Not everyday, but at least once or twice a week. They love running to the mailbox when they see the mail carrier walking down the street and always get excited when they receive something with their name on it.

Earlier this week, I grabbed some card envelopes, stickers and notepaper and assembled the notes of encouragement - trying to pick out specific examples of the ways each child brought joy to my heart. To make it look more "official," I used the stickers in place of a stamp and addressed the envelope as I would if I actually sent it in the mail.

It worked!

They were so excited to get the mail, but equally touched to read the few simple words I wrote them. I also plan on buying notebooks for them to keep the notes and perhaps write notes of encouragement to one another.

I also read the Bible passages Karol suggested in Chapter 3. The verse that settled in my heart actually followed the suggested verses in Colossians 3 (and happens to proceed the verse that stalked Courtney ;) ).

Here it is from the NIV:
Let the word of Christ dwell richly in you as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom, and as you sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God. Colossians 3:16

This verse spoke to me because it underscored the importance of soaking in God's Word. The picture that came to mind as I read these verses was savoring the richest, velvetiest piece of chocolate imaginable. The kind you slowly let melt in your mouth because biting it into pieces would spoil the experience. 

Writing that just made me hungry.  

So, how about you? How did God speak to you this week in Chapters 3 & 4. I hope you will share your thoughts in the comments section so we can savor God's goodness along with you. And if you did a blog post on these chapters, please include the link in the comments so we can read along.

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