Saturday, November 26, 2011

if you are shopping this holiday season

It seems that the more over the top the consumerism gets at this time of year, the less I feel like celebrate Christmas the day when God quietly slipped into this world to save us.  And after seeing the disgusting displays of materialism that happened the minute the clock ticked to November 25, I feel ashamed and embarrassed to be part of it (i.e. I have a shop and I sell stuff).

Over the past several weeks I have teetered between burying that talent deep in the earth and working harder at the gifts God purposed me to use. Currently, the working harder side is winning out.

Which brings me to the point of this solution to my struggle with obviously wanting to sell the items I made but hating to contribute to the culture of spending around this time of year. So here it goes...

On November 28 and December 1-3, For the month of December, I will offer free shipping if you make a purchase at my shop (my gift to you). You can find the details in my shop announcements section. Or, you can choose to pay the shipping and I will donate the equivalent of that cost to World Vision, specifically to purchase a sewing machine for a woman in poverty. Here's a link to that gift on World Vision's website so you can read about it.

Even better, DON'T BUY an item from my shop and instead gift an amount equivalent to your favorite item to World Vision on behalf of the person you're shopping for. If you do this, come back here and tell me about it and I will send you a note card created by me for you to print out and give to the person you shopped for and let them know about your donation. I'll be working on the design of the card this week and will share when it's completed, but here's a peek at the picture I did for one of the designs:
OR, if you'd still like to give a gift from my shop to someone you love, consider making a donation to World Vision for the same amount as the item you purchased, come back and tell me about it and I'll include the donation note card along with your item.

This may be crazy, it may miss the mark completely, but I hope it may lead to our being able to help lift a woman out of poverty.


PrairieJenn said...

I'm so glad you are doing this!! I just bought something:) Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Giving can give both the receiver and the recipient joy. God gives us gifts and we have to learn to receive them graciously. Gift-giving amongst friends and family is not necessarily buying into a greed-fest. The magi brought gifts at the birth of Jesus. Should Jesus' mother have said, "you know, we really don't have any need for that frankincense or myrhh, so why don't you just take it back." And if people purchase a gift from your shop, they are helping social justice causes, fostering a sense of goodwill and grace, encouraging *your* gifts, making responsible choices, and cultivating a generous spirit. I don't see a negative there. Making a purchase and participating in a commercial system is not automatically "buying into" a corrupt system. Wisdom and moderation apply here as well.

A New Day said...

Hey Anne,

I think it takes thoughtfulness and courage to make decisions that 'go against the grain.' In a world fraught with materialism and a culture that advertises works hard to convince us we deserve the best, it's refreshing to witness you embrace the act of giving in a creative and kind way.

I think people are longing for more, but it's not necessarily going to come wrapped up in a bow...may your endeavor to honor be blessed.

Love ya!

A New Day said...

P.S. I love your sketch of the sewing machine!!!