Saturday, November 26, 2011

a sweet short school week

My original plan was to take the whole week off for the Thanksgiving holiday, but I felt God's nudge to put in a couple of extra days. As my Principal, I trust that He has some great purpose in asking me to do so.

I continued in a more relaxed, unschool style but had Brie and Reese do some workbook activities. I used these two days to recap our 10 weeks of spelling words and think I will do this every five weeks or so - especially important for Brie with the challenging words she needs to learn.

We also:
  • colored more pictures from our Color and Learn Australia book, focusing on the Aborigine pages
  • watch videos on Aborgine boomerangs and corroborees and read some more pages from the Australia and Its People book
  • continued reading "Bless This Mouse" by Lisa Lowry
  • practiced with the multiplication flash cards (Brie)
  • completed a bar graph chart on the number of cars spotted by color during one of our outings
  • discovered some online "how to draw" sites - Brie and Reese did a great job following the instructions and turned out several masterpieces. 
  • played games including "Go Fish" (and Brie and Reese taught the game to Luke!), "Connect Four" and "Mastermind"
  • went on walks and hikes

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    PrairieJenn said...

    Sounds like a beautiful week:) Love the children's artwork!