Thursday, January 19, 2012

3 gifts on thursday

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1. the gift of rewards for frequent purchases
As much as possible I try to buy organic. Which can be pricey. So whenever I find ways to save on organic products, I celebrate. Last year I discovered Stoneyfield Organic has a rewards programs for its customers. If you buy Stoneyfield (I love their Yo Baby Yogurt), look for the rewards code on their product and then go here to sign up and enter the codes. According to their site, they are doing the reward program through June of this year, but I'll be praying it stays around for much longer. :)

2. the gift of soy milk coupons
Ever since I became lactose intolerant, I've tried to find alternatives to cow milk. Soy milk is now my "go to" product and makes a great substitute when milk is required for a dish or recipe (soy cheese, however, is not...I have yet to find a suitable replacement for that). If you are lactose intolerant, allergic to milk or just trying to cut back on fats and cholesterol, try soy milk. If you visit the Silk Soymilk site, you can find a printable coupon here when you sign up (it's free). Note: I've heard that if you're going to buy soy products it's best to go organic. And, if you're using it in recipes, getting the unsweetened version is best.

3. the gift of a great cookbook
I checked this book out of the library a few weeks ago on a whim. Reese loves looking at cookbooks and I thought he might enjoy this one given his love of apples. Turns out I rather enjoy it too and it has some yummy recipes. So far we've tried the blue ribbon apple pie (Dave made that one), sweet potato and apple latkes (delectable...the only down side was the house smelled like latkes for a few days afterwards) and morning glory muffins. One of my favorite parts of the book is the guide to apples and the stories behind some of the recipes.

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