Monday, January 23, 2012

abuzz with love (and photos from the weekend)

Unlike my as-of-late tendency to think of gift ideas in the week before the occasion, lately my mind has been buzzing with Valentine's Day ideas. Perhaps an answer to my prayer to be intentional and take my time over creating gifts. So I thought it would be fun to share these ideas over the next couple of weeks interspersed with my other posts. Mostly, I've been trying to brainstorm fun, yet practical ways to say "I love you" beyond the usual cards which are destined for the recycle or toss pile.

And in my shop, I'll be stocking some special Valentine's Day items in the coming week, Lord willing. I already have these hand-sized pit packs listed:

...and I'll be listing these cloth sacks soon:

And some pictures from the week which began and ended with sledding at one of our favorite spots. I'm having a time of it trying to get Ben to keep his mitts on....after I took this picture, he started dragging his hands in the snow as I pulled him on the sled, lost a mitt, but kept right on trailing his fingers until I noticed what he was up to!

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