Tuesday, January 24, 2012

crafting love: Valentine's Day idea #1

I originally posted about this idea last year, but am refreshing it for Valentine's Day. (I need to give credit to Tee from Sustainablog for reminding me of this tutorial and suggesting it be used for Valentine's Day - thanks Tee!). I've created a link at the top of the blog for the Valentine's Day ideas I'll be sharing over the next couple of week. Or you can access it, by clicking here.

Because I'm usually opt to toss rather than keep for nostalgia's sake, I have very few cards on hand, except a large stack from our wedding which I dug into for this tutorial. Which come to think of it, does go with the love theme. ;) But I much prefer to re-purpose items where possible, which makes this idea perfect for a heavy card-giving occasion. (If you're a tosser like me, this idea may need to wait until this Valentine's Day is over...then you'll be one step ahead for next February 14th.)

Step 1: Collect Valentine's/love theme-cards and select one of them to use as a template. You may want to use a smaller rectangle - choosing a larger one may mean your template won't fit on the smaller cards. Unless you want to create several different sizes of triangles.

Step 2: Make your template. Tear the card in half along the crease mark. Like this:

Then, using the back half of the card (the one with the main message), fold it in half. Like this:

Next, using a ruler, draw a diagonal line from one corner to the other. Like this:

Cut along the diagonal, unfold, and...voila! your template.

Step 3: Cut out your pennant pieces. Using your template trace around the colorful front of the card and cut out. At this point, you may want to write on the back who the card was from, who the card was for, and the year. Also, you may want to play with the order of the pieces to get a pleasing pattern.

Step 4: String your pennant pieces together. Punch two holes at the top and thread string, ribbon or raffia through the holes. Holes small in diameter are better than larger ones unless you are using a thick material to string the pennants - you want to be able to slide the pennants along and adjust their position easily.

Step 5: Hang up on the day of the celebration and enjoy. Tuck away for the next Valentine's Day and add to it as you collect more cards.

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