Thursday, January 26, 2012

3 gifts on Thursday: love never fails edition

The next three weeks of 3 Gifts on Thursday will have a Valentine's Day theme. This week I'm starting off with one of my favorite things to do - incorporate Scripture into everyday life. So this 3 Gifts post focuses on the passage in 1 Corinthians 13 which describes the attributes of love.

For previous 3 Gifts installments, click here. If you would like to have a "gift" featured in this series, please see the bottom of this post for details.

1. the gift of finding it on etsy
In looking through etsy, I found a number of beautiful items which contain some or all of the words in this love passage. Here are some of my favorites (all pictures are sourced from the owner's etsy shops):

Framed embroidery from PA Country Crafts
Typography print from Define Design
Coasters from The Gracious Home

Metal wall art from The Word Within
Large wall art from Empire City Studios

2. the gift of making it yourself
Though I posted this back in October, it's worth sharing again, especially if you'd like to make a 1 Corinthians garland for yourself and/or for someone else. Please read this post for the instructions on what to do.

3. the gift of song
I love how songs help us remember information better than speaking and here's a song that's a recent favorite of mine and one I happened to be listening to this morning. God's grace in helping me think of a third gift for this post. ;)

If you have a "gift" you'd like me to consider wrapping into a 3 Gifts on Thursday package, please email me the details. It can be anything you are hosting or have heard about: from a giveaways to service projects, household/parenting tips, resources, promotions/coupon codes, items such as books, music, movies, etc (ones available for purchase online). If I choose to incorporate your gift suggestion into a 3 Gifts post, I will email you to let you know when it will be featured.

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