Friday, January 27, 2012

thinking outside the (chocolate) box

I love chocolates and flowers, but I also love thinking outside the proverbial box, especially when it comes to giving gifts. If you're looking for something a little different to give this Valentine's Day - or for any other occasion - here are items from a treasury I put together Etsy along with a few additional items and suggestions for accompanying messages. All images are sourced from the owner's shops.

"You Bring Color To My World"
Gift idea: crayons, colored pencils, paints or other art mediums
Perfect for: children and budding or full-fledged artists

 crayons                                                                     pencil crayons

"We Make a Great Pair (or "Pear")"
Gift idea: mittens, pear-shaped/imprinted household items, pears, socks
Perfect for: anyone!
pear art                                            pear wall clock                                    upcycled mittens

"We're Birds of a Feather"
Gift idea: bird seed, bird pictures or notecards
Perfect for: bird fans

bird seed hearts                                                            bird art

"I Dig You"
Gift idea: gardening tools
Perfect for: avid gardeners, children

"Sow Seeds of Love"
Gift idea: seed packets
Perfect for: anyone

"You Make My Heart Sing"
Gift idea: ipod holder, itunes gift card, personal CD mix, whistle
Perfect for: anyone

ipod case                      whistle key chain

"You Light Up My Life"
Gift idea: candle, flashlight, key chain light
Perfect for: ladies (candle), anyone (flashlights, key chain lights)


"Your Love Warms My Heart"
Gift idea: travel mug cozy, tea, coffee, scarf, sweater,
Perfect for: adults (mug cozy/tea/coffee), everyone

 mug cozy                  freeze dried strawberries for tea                     scarf

"You are Written on My Heart"
Gift idea: pencils, pens
Perfect for: anyone

"You are Always on My Mind"
Gift idea: headgear
Perfect for: anyone
men's hat                            girl's/woman's hat                                         headband

"We Go Together Like Salt & Pepper"
Gift idea: salt & pepper shakers/servers
Perfect for: adults - especially newly engaged couples

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