Saturday, January 14, 2012

hot chocolate

It was a hot chocolate kind of day least it was for Luke and Ben. I chose apple cider, while Brie and Reese were sipping up knowledge at school.

It was well earned after fighting to get the iced sliding doors of the van open while racing against the clock to get the kids to school in the nick of time, then braving the wintry weather to go grocery shopping.

And I was surprised last night at how quickly the week flew by...could it really be Friday already? It seemed we must have one or two more school days before us.

We have fallen into this new routine with an ease that bears the mark of God's grace. It could be nothing else. I struggled to find a like-slipping-on-new-skin schedule for the first part of the school year and it never quit fit just right. There always remained a bunching here, an irritant there and seams falling out of place.

Yet there is an ethereal strangeness to this season. A jumble of peace and wrestling, joy and deep sadness, a lost and findingness. It's God working out His purposes, answering prayers, setting a captive free. It is bitter, but it also is a hot chocolatey kind of sweet.

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