Saturday, February 4, 2012


This week the kids reach their 100th day of school. Dave though that went by fast. ;)

And through these weeks, I continue to count the gifts of knowing this is where God would have them, in spite of my feelings and fears. The gifts of:
  • Brianna and Reese consistently saying they had a good day at school
  • giving them the choice whether or not they want to do their homework/study we strongly suggest it, but they get to make the choice - something I could never have done while homeschool, tempting though the thought
  • their teachers choosing that profession - especially when that profession means they must bravely enter a classroom of coughing, sneezing, runny-nosed children
  • crossing guards who look out for other people's safety
  • the bookends of walking to school most days in spite of the struggles to do so
  • resting in the framework the school routine provides - a framework not of my creating
This isn't to say I may enter into serious doubts about this choice when we face difficult challenges which may come with a public school system, which is why I must record this now. The trusting that God spoke clearly in want them here, now. Maybe not forever, but for now, yes.

And here's the way I helped Reese mark this 100th day of school:

I gave him some suggestions and this Lego theme is what he chose. Lego seems to be a theme lately. I provided the art direction, but he gathered the Lego, set up the men, helped take the pictures and had to check and recheck our count was correct. (We cut and pasted the pictures into Publisher after Pickniking them and printed this on a standard letter-sized paper - the back of a school paper, in fact. I love recycling.)

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Jenn said...

How creative and fun! Love it:)