Thursday, February 9, 2012

3 gifts on thursday: sweet strawberry love

 Ever notice how strawberries emulate the shape of heart? Which makes them a LOVEly thing to give, and eat, on Valentine's Day.

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1. the gift of muffins
Whether for breakfast, a snack or paired with a warm drink (tea for me!), muffins put the comforts of home in the palm of your hand. We've been eating a lot of Morning Glories lately, but I came across this recipe for Meyer Lemon Strawberry Muffins which may greet the kids at breakfast on Valentine's Day.
picture source: my baking addiction

2. the gift of hidden treasure
I discovered Radical Culinary on etsy last week when I saw this yummy item favorited by someone in my circle:
Hidden Treasure Strawberry Cupcake from Radical Culinary

While the strawberry-in-cupcake would be a delightful treasure, reading Sam & Carey Walker's profile and see the other yummy treats they cook up is equally a pearl.

3. the gift of fruit like candy
Instead of giving more candy and about something just as sweet but so much healthier...freeze-dried strawberries (organic is best)? Here are a couple of links to online sources of organic freeze-dried strawberries: North Bay Trading  &  Just Tomatoes. Trader Joe's also carries packets if you have a store near you. (though I can't remember if they are organic)

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