Wednesday, February 8, 2012

valentine's day: "cards" for school friends

I'm always faced with a dilemma around every card-giving season - do I spend money on something that most likely will be tossed in the very near future or do I find another way to express the sentiments fitting for the occasion? The alternative way most often wins out. Probably because I tend to toss most cards rather than keep them. Though I'm trying to find ways to amend that. But images of our children sifting through mountains of paper after we've dearly departed and wondering, "Why did she keep that?" float through my head.

Knowing Reese's class would be passing out Valentine's next week again posed this dilemma: Do I buy the box of Valentine's for him to sign or do I think of something more useful, practical and less wasteful of paper? The practical side again won out and here's the result of my brainstorm:

Because, who doesn't love new crayons? (or in this case, just one.)

Here's what you do:
1. Buy some crayons (one for each of your child's friends)

2. Download this page from my scribd account and print it out. There are 16 tags on one page. If you're really frugal and eco-conscious, conceivably, you could print this on the blank side of a pre-used page. Just make sure it's wrinkle free and free of sensitive information. (Note: for some reason, the font looks different on the scribd screen than in the original PDF. When I downloaded it from Scribd, however, the text appeared the same as my original copy.)

3. Cut out the tags. I used a paper cutter, but scissors work too.

4. Using a glue stick, apply glue down the length of the blank side of the tag. I had Reese do some, but in the interest of glue conservation, did most of this myself. ;)

5. Bring the ends of the tag together, aligning them and then press to seal the paper. Be sure to leave a loop opening big enough for the crayon to go through. Depending on your child's age, they may be able to do this part themselves. I needed to help Reese.

6. Have your child select a crayon (Reese loved this part!) and insert it into the loop. Then press to seal.

7. Once the glue dries, your child can sign their name on after the "xo" portion of the tag.

And here's what it looks like on each side:

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