Wednesday, May 30, 2012

carpe diem

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I found this sign at this shop on etsy. I laughed at the play on words and how it exactly captured where my mind has been lately.

Ever since we left the cottage last year, we've been anticipating our return. For added fun, the three older kids are now at an age where they remember too, and have begun to make their own plans. (Luke thought we should bring a snow shovel "just in case." I assured him that although God can make anything happen, I thought we'd be safe leaving that kind of equipment at home. ;) )

And in this anticipation, I started to wonder why we look forward to this vacation so much.

What I decided, was that for me, the cottage represents one week in the year where things slow down and our daily tasks consist primarily of waking up, eating, dressing, eating, swimming, resting, eating and sitting around a campfire with the occasional DVD thrown in there. Our choices are slimmed down to choosing the beach, the cottage or a trip into town. It's also a week where we live in community, an echo of the Way.

But why do we pin much of our excitement on one week out of the entire 52 God bestows upon us? Should it not be something we anticipate now? Could we not "sea's the day" every day?

So I've begun a little experiment to see if I can live cottage-style now. To slow down and tame the tyrant urgent. To be intentional and focus on relationships, not on stuff or stuff to do. And to do this in spite of laundry piles, a house and yard to maintain and living in a culture which heaps on choice upon choice. I've also begun to pray God would raise up cottage-style community for us, because I think that is the anchor of a sea's-worthy living.

And I wonder if you might need to sea's the day too? If so, leave a comment and perhaps we can sail the seas together.

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Alicia said...

I love the idea of living "cottage style" now! I'm going to invite my kids to "Seas" the day with me when they all tumble out of bed! We're neighbors at Jen's link up. So glad I stopped by!

Jan said...

Thanks for this refreshing post! You inspire me to "sea's" the gift in every day!
(visiting from SDG)