Friday, June 1, 2012

grey pearls

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  • marbled grey sky
  • gentle fall of rain letting down
  • intimacy invited in
  • God calling through the grey mist
  • sky bowing low

Days upon days of cloud covered skies eventually wear upon my spirit. I long for the sun, the crystal blue, the warmth and light and cheer. But when God slips in a day or two of grey pearls between the bright jewels, I hear His calling of intimacy. The cloak of His presence surrounding me.

Perhaps it is my Spirit awakening to the reality of this and this and especially, this.

Have you noticed where He does the same for you? Where does the God of the Bible slip into your reality? Where does He most surprise you with His presence?

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Anonymous said...

May the Glory of our Lord surround us in those cloudy days as well as the sunny one. This post of few words directed my heart to the One I love. Thank you for this beautiful encouragement.
Caring through Christ, ~ linda