Tuesday, May 22, 2012

my handsome littlest man

I couldn't resist snapping these pics of Ben on Sunday. Dave dressed him and he looks so much like a mini version of Dave. I sometimes call him "mini D2" (Luke is mini D1). But don't let those sweet, innocent brown eyes and long lashes fool you, Ben has a fierce sense of fun and determination which leads to much joy and much mess to clean up after. ;)

(BTW...Ben was totally up for posing for these pics - he even picked the location. Well actually, it was his second choice for a photo shoot locale. He wanted it by the car but realized the sun was in his eyes. So standing next to dirt (future spot for a hosta) and a garden hose was the next best thing.)


kendal said...

he is so handsome! and it sounds like he has an awesome personality. i have so enjoyed raising boys!

timandlauren said...

He really does look very handsome