Friday, May 18, 2012

take a moment

I'm going to slap dash this post together because the outside beckons and bellies need feeding as the dinner hour approaches...

First up, if you love books and are looking for a summer read, would take a second to answer the poll in the right hand column (or leave a comment here) to help Courtney and I decide which book to choose for the summer edition of Reap to Sow? We'll be starting in June and would love your feedback. :)

Next, if you are shopping, especially comparison shopping, for something...anything really...would you take a moment to Google whether you can buy a fair-trade version of that item? It takes just an extra minute or two if you're already using the Internet to scout deals on products and the simple act of buying fair trade means you are actively working to give a hand up to people in poverty.

Delicate Fortress Creations (for which I am an ambassador*) has a lovely selection of products.

And just this afternoon, I found these beautiful fair trade bike baskets, one of which I hope to purchase as an early birthday gift for Brie. All I did was google, "fair trade bicycle baskets." Simple. All it takes is a moment to help someone in need. :)

As a disclaimer, DFC offers its ambassadors free gifts and a small percentage of any sales generated through their unique ambassador link. So, in a sense, I will be compensated for sharing on this issue. But I would do this even if I received nothing in return because this issue is to important for me to keep silent.

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