Wednesday, June 20, 2012

invited in

This morning I paused at God's invitation.

To delight in His creation.

It's shocking really.

This inviting in, watching the birthing process of fruit bearing, turned inside out. So we can see.

To some, it may be "only an eggplant." But to me, it's the wildness of God, stunning us with His miracles, if we care to slow down...look...wonder. Pause to notice the first bloom. The first bud of fruit peeping 'neath the petals. Startle at the sudden growth when Love soaked the ground with thirst-quenching rain.

And perhaps the intimacy I witness in the humble eggplant's bloom is life in the natural brushing aside the curtain so we can see through to the spirit-realm.

For we too must bloom at the caress of His voice. Our fruit bears the mark of the One Who gives nourishment. And when Love rains on thirsty souls with roots firmly established in soil rich, we swell and the harvest is plentiful.

How does God startle you with His miracles? Where do you see evidence of the spirit-realm in the natural world?

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