Friday, June 22, 2012

summer in a jar: upcyclers creativity challenge

Ever since I joined the Upcyclers Team on etsy, I've enjoyed the ways their engage their members in fun ways. Like the monthly Team challenges. And their blog.

Then, in May, they began a team creativity challenge where interested members could come up with upcycled ideas for a common upcycled medium. I was hard pressed to come up with any upcycling ideas for the first object - a stereo or something that makes sound/music.

But June's challenge was something to get excited about: an empty jar.

I don't know why that is exciting. It may be weird to get a thrill at the sight of pristine glass with unadorned metal lid. But I do. Maybe it's the frugal environmentalist in me. Or perhaps the desire to find God's gifts in the simple.

But I digress.

Back to the challenge.

Upcycling an empty jar isn't new for me. I've put them to good use in the kitchen and in my sewing room. See? 

But I don't think those ideas would knock the socks off of anyone, so on went my thinking cap. And here is the fruit of my brainstorm.

Introducing the...

It's summer and fireflies* and childhood and upcycling in one tidy package.

And the best part? I didn't spend a penny.

Here's a brief look at how I did it:
  • I converted the lid ring of the jar into a firefly net. All it took was some crinoline (any type of netting would work), wire, nut, fabric, glue and a wooden dowel.
  • I added some extra netting and elastic band in the jar (to keep your first catch of fireflies contained while you capture some more)
  • Add the tag with some hemp twine for look and to keep the wooden dowel with the jar
And that's it!

*No fireflies were harmed in the production of this jar. If you make one like it, please be sure to release your winged lights at evening's end. They'll thank you for it. :)

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Erika Dawson said...

LOVE these! SOOOO cute!