Tuesday, June 19, 2012

lavender & a special offer

Ever since I became interested in gardening, I've developed a love of lavender....it's scent, the color, the way it's leaves change from silver to green to silver through the seasons. And because it dries well. Which makes it a perfect partner for the cherry pit packs I sell in my shop.

So today (after thinking about this for months :) ) I added a listing for you to add organic dried lavender to any "Cheery Pack" order while supplies last. Brie's been my most ardent harvester, so hopefully, she'll keep in good supply for awhile. Here's the link to the lavender listing.

And to celebrate this new listing, I'm also running a sale in my shop between now and this Saturday, June 23 at noon EDT. If you purchase a Cheery Pack WITH the listing for organic dried lavender, you can save 25% on your order. Just use the coupon code CELEBRATELAVENDER25. (Please note: the discount only applies to the purchase of a Cheery Pack with the lavender together.)

P.S. I'll also announce sales like these through Twitter, if you want to follow along there (@whispersofgrace).

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kendal said...

i love lavender but never thought of growing it myself. what climate?