Friday, August 31, 2012

change control to trust


I like change...when it's my choice.

But when change comes that I didn't ask for, didn't look for and do not want...well, the results aren't always pretty.

It's my control factor. I like to be in control. And change sometimes means I can't plan for every detail, every eventuality and I don't know how to operate in uncertainty.

And that needs to change.

I've thought recently how the desire for control indicates a lack of trust. And I was thinking of children. How they are more accepting of change, they tend to go with the flow much easier than adults. Perhaps it's because they don't live with a set of expectations (yet).

And perhaps that's what I love about the baby stage so much. The only thing a baby wants changed is its diaper. Other than that it's content to lay in the arms of those who would keep it safe.

Rambling thoughts will stop here. How I'd love to flesh this idea out more, but the clock says stop. Sigh.

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Tracey said...

You are so right about children being able to be more accepting of trust. Every time I think my children will have a hard time with a particular change they surprise me with their resilience.

What a lovely blog. I adore the header picture :)

kendal said...

great post, andrea. i thought of babies and this topic this morning too!

Denise said...

Such a good post.

Eileen said...

"A desire for control indicate lack of trust" So true! This has always been what I have found too. Love your blog picture at the top...just beautiful!

Kathleen said...

Oh wow... I use to be a major control freak until God whacked me over the head a few times with a 2x4 - ha! Still I do battle at times ... Rebellious nature I guess. So enjoyed this insightful post. Bless you and have a great weekend :)

Malisa said...

Wow, we wrote such similiar posts on this word. I am so glad that there is another person like me out there! Thank you for sharing your heart today, Andrea!