Saturday, October 6, 2012

day 6: love God love others {printables}

I love placing reminders of God's truths around our home.

It's because I easily forget when the going gets tough. And I need the reminder to sow the Word into our children daily.

on the bulletin board in the kitchen

It seemed only fitting to create reminders of the greatest commandments...a reminder of what it all boils down to. A reminder to put it into practice.

If you would like this reminder too, here are three 5 x 7 prints, saved as PDFs on my Scribd page. This first one is my favorite. See if you can find the 13 other words hidden within the grey letters.  

get the PDF of this printable here

hearts graphic from here; get the PDF of this printable here

get the PDF of this printable here

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The challenge: Pray for an undivided heart.

A divided heart is what keeps us from loving God fully. Makes sense right? Yet there are many things in this world that can seduce us into giving pieces of our hearts away. But according to this Scripture, there is only one way living with a whole heart is going to happen.Which brings me to the place of prayer because I can trust it's one God will answer.

The challenge: Share a meal - and your heart - with someone you love.

There is something holy in sharing a meal with loved ones. Jesus shared a meal with those closest to Him on the night before He bore His cross. And there are many prescribed feasts for His covenant people in the First Testament. Perhaps there isn't so much a challenge in eating together, but in sharing your heart over a meal, now that is something that might not be as easy as the proverbial apple pie.

*Images for the Deep Love Diving banners and buttons were courtesy of this site.

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