Thursday, November 1, 2012

dear November

I love you November 1st. I love you because I can go back to writing about whatever.

Don't get me wrong, October. I loved you too. Your 31 days of craziness and all. You kept me focused. You got me thinking deeply about love. But I missed writing about other nuggets of goodness and not-so-goodness in our life.

Which is why I love November. Because now I'm not required to write every day. Just when I can't help to not write.

And I can write about things like our trip up to Ontario for Ainsley's wedding and how I got all tense and anxious again when it came to planning to be away for two days because my brain was on planning overload. And how good it was to get away and how not being able to bring kids to a family wedding is a blessing in disguise because it was the first time in 9 years that we were all (mostly) kid-free and could talk and focus on one another as adults and not as parents pulled in two directions.
hanging around at the park in Burlington

And I can record our laughable tourist stop at Niagara Falls...the five-minute pit stop parking in a no parking zone so Dave and the kids could dash to the railing to look at the Falls, snap a few pictures and then dash back to the car while I prayed we wouldn't get a ticket.

And I can share these pictures...
pit stop at the Falls

drive by snapshot of the American falls

another quickly snapped pic
the one place where you can be in a different country than your children and still be in the same car

...and this video which made be feel like an alien in a foreign land even though I was born in one and made a citizen in the other.

And how imperfect moments like these are beautiful and gift all the same because they are moments we can laugh about for our lifetime.

And I wonder what imperfect moments have become polished in your mind, shined up like new pennies? Do you have a favorite tourist memory or ever felt like tourist in your own town?

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