Thursday, January 10, 2013

what makes the cut

Sometimes I feel like I'm drowning. in. all. this. stuff.

And the thought of downsizing it, really downsizing it, sends me into mental hyperventilation. Because looking in all these bins, boxes and baskets, in drawers and behind doors and I can see just how much stuff we've acquired in this home-to-us of nine years.

It would be easier to eat this elephant if I could glibly toss or donate the no longer needed or wanted items.

But Seven showed me the beauty in donating meaningfully.

And as steward of God's earthly home for us, sending all the non-recyclable things to the trash pile doesn't sit well with me either.

What remains is painstaking sifting through years of accumulation. The hardest part is deciding what to do with the items that "might" come in handy some day. There's always that dread of purging our house of some items and then kicking myself soon after because a use for it suddenly popped up.

I could probably count on one hand the number of times this actually has happened.

So I defer to my go-to question: "Would I want to move this item?" That is, "Do I really want to pack this item up, move it to a new location and find somewhere to use/store said item?"

Put that way, there are a whole lot of things knocking about this house that just don't make the cut.

Including many of our *gasp* wedding photos. The ones we paid a stupid amount of money for. The ones sitting in boxes in a cabinet, collecting dust, taken out in less than a blue moon. I won't toss the whole collection of course, but I am paring it back. 

That will be the easy project (because all the best photos are in an album).

The harder project is deciding if or by how much I downsize my fabric collection. Because I still like tackling the occasional sewing project. And is there any good way to get rid of fabric scraps besides tossing them? Anyone want a grab bag of fabric scraps? Leave a comment with your email and I'll send you one (you pay the postage and we can work it all out through paypal). 


Kendal Privette said...

i get the WORK of paring. and cleaning. and organizing. tackled two closets over christmas break....sorry, though don't need the fabric. what about an organization that makes cloth shoes (solehope) for africa or maybe one that makes clothing for children?

timandlauren said...

I'll take your fabric scraps! I might use them in an art project. But I'll just drive to your house instead of paying shipping :)